Energy efficiency training for Queensland Businesses

For business and industry, energy efficiency means increased productivity, lower energy bills and maintenance costs, increased competitiveness, improved amenity for staff and reduced exposure to fluctuating energy prices.  

To help small and medium businesses in Queensland understand their energy use and how to achieve the benefits of greater efficiency, the Energy Efficiency Council – in collaboration with the Queensland Government, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s ecoBiz program and the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage - is offering a series of training events aimed at getting your organisation’s energy efficiency journey started.  

Plus, for a limited time, the Queensland Government is offering significant fee subsidies to course participants, so there’s never been a better time to learn the ins and outs of energy management. Ensure your business can maintain its competitive advantage and increase productivity by registering for one of these programs today.

Introduction to energy management Building the Business Case for Energy Efficiency Advanced Energy Management

Building the Business Case for Energy Efficiency - Brisbane only

Your next step to unlocking energy savings. Identifying energy efficiency projects is a key step in reducing business costs and increasing productivity.

The next step is to ‘sell’ the business case within your organisation so that you get the resources you need to implement your projects. This interactive training course helps you plan, develop and communicate your business case for energy efficiency projects.

This course consists of two half-day workshops. To get a taste of the information covered in the training course, there is a free 30-minute online module; Introduction to Building the Business Case.


Participants in the course will learn about: 

  • Identifying and engaging influencers
  • Financial analysis methodologies
  • Quantifying and promoting business benefits
  • Finance options
  • Communicating your business case 


Advanced Energy Management - Cairns Only

Learn how to integrate energy management into your company’s strategic plan. A good understanding of energy management is vital for many roles today as the cost of energy rises.

Advanced energy management provides you with practical knowledge, skills and tools for integrating energy management practices into your organisation. It will help overcome the issue of ‘what’s next’ that many energy managers face after implementing ad-hoc projects.

This course consists of two half-day workshops.


Participants in the course will learn how to: 

  • Build a strategic energy plan and integrate energy management into core business.
  • Understand the best options for energy generation for your business.
  • Use asset planning to optimise energy usage of major equipment.
  • Engage senior management and staff in energy management strategy.