WEBINAR: Ergon’s Small and Large Customer classifications and tariffs explained

Please note: This webinar content is focused on customers that are currently consuming more than 80 MWh p.a., as they are more likely to increase their consumption to the 100 MWh p.a. threshold for the Large customer classification.

Electricity companies are required by regulation to classify customer connections based on size. In Queensland, small customers are those whose connections (NMIs) consume less than 100 MWh p.a., while large (and above) customers are those whose connections consume more than 100 MWh p.a. A typical residential household consumes approximately 5 MWh p.a., hence a large connection will have more consumption (or usage) than 20 households.

As part of Ergon’s customer engagement program, this webinar is focused on the differences between small and large classifications, as well as what occurs when a customer is reclassed from small to large, and vice versa.

Ergon representative, Bonson Lam will explore what this means for customers.

And EcoBiz sustainability coach, Nicole Price will facilitate and explain what this means for your business.