Johanna Kloot

Johanna Kloot

Johanna Kloot is an ecoBiz Gold Coast and Cairns Sustainability Coach who is deeply interested in sustainability support for regional and rural business and communities.  

Johanna enjoys helping businesses discover the links between improved efficiencies and positive environmental and financial gains. Having owned and operated several small businesses, Johanna can provide a specialized understanding on the sustainability setbacks that SMEs experience.   

Maintaining interest in the Cairns Local Marine Advisory committee and having championed the award winning JCU sustainability Club to promote awareness surrounding sustainability, Johanna has an established understanding of what it takes to perform sustainably in the business sphere.  

Johanna relishes a good challenge and has tertiary qualifications in Sustainability with a Major in Business. Along with her devotion to sustainability, Johanna is passionate about aviation having worked as a bush pilot in remote areas of Northern Australia and going on to complete a 12-year career with Qantas airlines.  

Johanna is a leader in her community having served time as an Auxiliary Fire Fighter for the Queensland Fire Service, it is evident that Johanna is focused on helping to build a resilient, sustainable community. 

Johanna manages her own consultancy service called Green Business, which focuses on profiting from environmental thinking by using less, saving more and selling smarter. More on Green Business can be found here.