Jane Gaffel

Jane Gaffel

Jane Gaffel is a Chartered Environmental Engineer, who graduated with honors from The University of Queensland, with over 17 years of experience in the environmental industry.  

She is a CCIQ Sustainability Coach who services the area of Brisbane area and is also a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional through the Association of Energy Engineers and Efficiency Valuation Organization.  

Previously Jane was an environmental consultant in the water and environment field, focusing on stormwater management strategies, hydrology and hydraulics.  

She spent two years in England working as a water engineer and a Remediation Engineer on contaminated land sites. This experience involved all levels of site work from initial desktop assessments, site investigations and in situ contaminated land remediation.   

Jane is a founding director of The Ecoefficiency Group and maintains a strong understanding of ecoefficiency and sustainable assessment. Janes involvement in projects with the Ecoefficiency Group includes energy assessments for the foundry industry, preparation of reports for the Green Industry Initiative and ongoing sustainability training for The University of Queensland.  

Jane’s unique composition of skills and sustainability excellence makes her a valuable member of the ecoBiz team. She is affiliated with Engineers Australia, the Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering and the Association of Energy Engineers.  

Jane has completed designations in Arts, Environmental Engineering from the University of Queensland and bears capabilities in Environmental Management systems, Management systems Auditing and Leading Management Systems Audit Teams. 

Jane is a director of The Ecoefficiency Group which aims to achieve economic outcomes through sustainable practices. Working with businesses to developed tailored sustainability solutions for the ever-changing business landscape. More on The Ecoefficiency Group can be found here.