Edward Foord

Eddie is an ecoBiz sustainability Coach based in the Gold Coast Region with a passion for environmental and health and safety management.  

Eddie has a proven track record in identifying, managing and improving organizations environmental, health and safety aspects.  

Eddie draws on a substantial reservoir of knowledge achieved from an impressive academic track record, possessing designations in Environmental conservation and management, Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and having attended the Harvard School of Business, to name a few.  

Having previously filled roles such as Environmental Coordinator, Sustainability manager, Founding Director at Viridian International Management and currently both a Senior Consultant and CEO and Founder at Youphoria Group, Edward likes to keep busy. 

 In his spare time, Eddie enjoys a good game of football and possesses a strong belief in constant reinvention of self and synergism to achieve the best way forward.   

Edward has a passion for helping local organizations to realize their sustainability potential and has a robust set of coaching tactics to ensure success in ecoBiz coaching sessions.  

Eddie works with R!sk Simplified to provide risk assessment tools  to small and medium enterprises, in addition to offering Sustainability and Occupation Health Consulting. More on Eddie can be found here.