As an ecoBiz Star Partner you'll save an average of

12%of your
Electricity Costs
13%of your
Water Costs
21%of your
Waste Costs

These savings aren’t uncommon for our members. They come across the board as a direct result of the tools that we provide to facilitate the changes to your expenditure. 

what does ecoBiz offer?

As a member of the program, you will have the opportunity to utilize our complimentary tools including: One-on-one coachingsite surveys and benchmarking support (including expert bill and expenditure assessment).

Aside from these, you also have access to our suite of materials including found under hot topics, including fact sheets, webinars and our monthly newsletter to help you cut your power bill and gain water and waste management advice. 



One of the highlights of ecoBiz is our one-on-one coaching program. Through direct access to our expert sustainability consultants, you will be provided with an action plan to start saving within your business.

When you join ecoBiz and complete the pre-coaching requirements, one of our sustainability consultants will visit your place of work for up to two hours. During this coaching, the consultant will give you advice on how to cut costs and increase efficiencies across energy, water and waste tailored to your business, and a report outlining actionable 'no cost', 'low cost' and 'high cost' initiatives. 

Queensland businesses with 5 or more (full time equivalent) employees are eligible to receive a coaching session, however we have a 'do it yourself' toolkit and our other resources available here for businesses who don't qualify.

Events and WEBINARS

ecoBiz also gives you the opportunity to further your business’ growth and development through events and webinars. Through our Leaders Forum events, you will learn from other businesses ideas to save money on energy, water and waste costs in your business. 

Our network will provide you the opportunity to connect with other ecoBiznesses, including our Star Partners, to hear their success stories and learn from their sustainability journey.  

Our educational webinars are a must-see for the latest trends & information on how to boost your profits and reduce your footprint. 


interested in an era fee reduction?

Did you know participating in the ecoBiz program can help reduce your Environmentally Relevant Activity (ERA) fees? Find out more here.

need more information?

Check out our FAQs here.