Capilano Honey

capilano honey  

Capilano’s story began from humble beginnings in 1953 with Brisbane brothers Tim and Bert Smith selling honey from the back of their truck. Their values of quality, innovation and safety were evident from the very beginning, as was a passionate resolve to deliver a true ‘hive to home’ experience in every jar of Capilano honey. Time has passed and the business has grown but those original Capilano values, and the delicious taste still remain. Integral to this story are more than 600 hardworking Australian beekeeping families who make it their life’s work to collect the honey, so that Capilano can continue to deliver 100% pure Australian honey to Aussie homes and more than thirty countries around the world. 

Capilano Honey achieved 2-Star ecoBiz Partnership, a 22% decrease in energy use and a 36% decrease in water use through: