Tools to Do It Yourself

With ecoBiz, there’s action you can take immediately and independently to cut bills. The resources below will assist in you taking the first steps towards saving on your bills and reducing your resource use.

Anyone is free to use these resources, but by also joining the program you'll be able to access support from the ecoBiz team, and have your savings recognised, celebrated and promoted.


The check lists are another important part of the saving process. Inspect your business now and look for simple changes or checks that can be made to get started. 



Implement these resources such as posters and workplace tips immediately to get started in making the small and meaningful changes that will make your business more sustainable. 


Ongoing Actions

It pays to be vigilant when it comes to cutting costs. Check out some of our resources which will help you maintain your savings and provide new ideas for improvement.


Need More?

For further resources which can help inform the changes made to your business, visit our hot topics page. 

If you need a helping hand or want to progress further, contact us.