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Find out how ecoBiz Star Partner Small World Journeys (a Cairns-based tour operator) reduced their energy use and waste. 

The free ecoBiz program has assessed the waste, water and energy practices in hundreds of businesses in Queensland and developed case studies to help businesses improve their operations and save money through sustainability.

Small World Journeys provide education for youth outside the classroom by offering multi-day educational tours for high school and university students in Far North Queensland and Sydney. Their office is located in Cairns. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Small World Journeys’ operations. They commit to not only reducing their resource use but also to making their community better. The tour operator became an ecoBiz Star Partner in 2018, a recognition of their efforts to limit energy use and waste. 

“ecoBiz has helped us see new ways we can reduce our water, waste and energy that we might never have thought of.  They fulfil a very important role in keeping us accountable – like a trusty friend who gently reminds us of our goal to make the world a bit better through our actions.” Laurie Pritchard, Managing Director


Small World Journeys

During their assessment, ecoBiz noted Small World Journeys had a high degree of waste sorting and separation. They have initiatives in place to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill:

  • They use signage to help office staff choose the right bins: general waste, recycling, compost bins, soft plastics, etc.
  • All of their organic waste goes into their compost.
  • Printing is kept to an absolute minimum. Where required, both sides of the paper are used, and wastepaper is collected for recycling. Toners and cartridges are recycled at Officeworks.
  • Their desk bins use newspaper rather than plastic bags.
  • They work with their suppliers to reduce or eliminate waste.
  • They bring containers on tour to separate recyclable items, soft plastics and food waste and educate tour participants about waste sorting.
  • They give an aluminium water bottle and cloth shopping bag to every customer, and meals are served using reusable plates and cups.
  • They are a drop-off point for TerraCycle to return for recycling a range of items from their community.


  • Although they lease their office premises and solar panel are not an option, they still run their office on reusable energy by subscribing to 100% ‘Clean Energy’ through Ergon’s Clean Energy Program. 
  • Their office and external security lighting use energy-efficient LEDs.
  • Their computer monitors, laptops and other office equipment all have energy-saving mode set up and are switched off when they’re not in use.
  • Staff use push bikes or motorbikes to commute to work. 


The ecoBiz Guide to reducing energy, water and waste for office spaces provides industry-specific insights and resources, including our regional experts' most common recommendations to offices to help them reduce their costs.


ecoBiz is a free program funded by the Queensland Government and run by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) that helps Queensland businesses audit their resource use and reduce costs from waste, water, and energy bills. After a free two-hour coaching session with a sustainability expert, businesses receive a written report with practical and tangible solutions, which are often no or low cost to implement.