Kenmore District Kindergarten and Preschool - ecoBiz case study

Kenmore Kindergarten

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Find out how ecoBiz Star Partner Kenmore District Kindergarten and Preschool (a not-for-profit community kindergarten in Brisbane) reduced their energy and water use. 

The free ecoBiz program has assessed the waste, water and energy practices in hundreds of businesses in Queensland and developed case studies to help businesses improve their operations and save money through sustainability.

Kenmore District Kindergarten and Preschool is a not-for-profit community kindergarten about ten kilometers south-west of Brisbane. They have been caring and educating children for almost 65 years. Their council-leased building has been operating since 1957 and the Centre features spacious and attractive gardens and play areas for the children.

Kenmore District Kindergarten and Preschool had their first ecoBiz coaching session in 2020. They became an ecoBiz Star Partner a year later in recognition of the initiatives they have in place to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

“ecoBiz has helped us by providing support and guidance with lots of great ideas to reduce our environmental footprint and to lower our electricity bill!” Alison Pechey, Director 


  • Using Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant, the kindergarten has purchased a worm farm. They educate children about sorting waste and how organic waste can be composted or fed to chicken.
  • Organic waste that is not placed into the worm farm is taken by staff or parents for chickens.
  • Paper towels are no longer used in the toilets. Each child has their own cloth towel, which is taken home and washed.
  • They reuse items for arts and craft activities (milk lids, egg cartons, cardboard rolls, wrapping paper, etc.).
  • They collect and recycle various items from the school operations and families, including:
    - Toothbrushes and tubes (via Terracycle);
    - Bread tags (via Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, raising funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people);
    - Batteries (taken to Aldi);
    - Cans and plastic bottles (via Containers for Change);
    - Milk bottles, yoghurt tubs, and paper (in the yellow bin).


ecoBiz is a free program funded by the Queensland Government and run by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) that helps Queensland businesses audit their resource use and reduce costs from waste, water, and energy bills. After a free two-hour coaching session with a sustainability expert, businesses receive a written report with practical and tangible solutions, which are often no or low cost to implement.