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Hockey Queensland

EcoBiz Star Partner 20 21 waste energy CMYKFind out how our ecoBiz Star Partner Hockey Queensland (with offices and fields in Brisbane) reduced their energy use and waste. 

The free ecoBiz program has assessed the waste, water and energy practices in hundreds of businesses in Queensland and developed case studies to help businesses improve their operations and save money through sustainability.

Hockey Queensland promotes and encourages the growth and enjoyment of hockey for players, officials and spectators. They lease their premises from Brisbane City Council. They manage a hockey stadium, two artificial fields and the head office and clubhouse buildings (including a canteen and a bar).

Since joining the ecoBiz program, Hockey Queensland has implemented measures to reduce waste, energy and water use. As a result, they reduced their energy intensity by 59% and their waste intensity by 65% between 2017 and 2020.

From our initial consultation with ecoBiz we have been able to budget for and action recommendations to improve, by doing this we have been able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint on the community as well as benefiting financially. Partnering ourselves with ecoBiz demonstrates our sport and members care about the future environment we play in.” ​Gen Gunner, Facility Manager​


Hockey Queensland made extensive and ongoing investment in energy efficiency measures to reduce the amount of energy used per operating hours: 

  • Using Brisbane City Council (BCC) Lord Mayors’ Community Grant, they upgraded all officegate entries, courtyard and grandstand lighting to LED and installed energy-efficient lighting on both fields. 
  • Their new changing rooms and amenities also use LED lighting. 
  • They changed their hot water system in change rooms from electric to instantaneous gas so that water is only heated when the tap is turned on or when someone walks in for showers. 
  • Electric air vents are used in the changerooms rather than air conditioning. The vents are automatically switched on and off with the lights. 


The introduction of the Queensland waste levy created an opportunity for Hockey Queensland to save money by limiting their waste.  

In addition to their recycling bin for paper and cardboard packaging, they introduced 8 bins for members and the public to recycle cans and bottles for the Container for Change scheme. It was estimated that this initiative alone reduced the amount of waste Hockey Queensland sent to landfill by 30%. 


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