Halpin Partners Accountants - ecoBiz case study

halpin partners accountants

EcoBiz Star Partner 20 21 waste energy CMYKFind out how our ecoBiz Star Partner Halpin Partners Accountants (with offices in Cairns and Innisfail) reduced their energy use and waste. 

The free ecoBiz program has assessed the waste, water and energy practices in hundreds of businesses in Queensland and developed case studies to help businesses improve their operations and save money through sustainability.

Halpin Partners Accountants is one of northern Queensland's largest independent accounting practices. They have leased offices in Cairns and Innisfail, with about 20 staff members servicing around 600 clients throughout Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

“The ecoBiz program is important for us as it aligns with our conviction of being a responsible, environmentally aware and proactive business.” Amy Garsia, Office Manager

Key initiatives to reduce energy use

Despite their growth, Halpin Partners Accountants have managed to reduce their energy use by implementing sustainable measures:

  • Their downstairs office in Cairns has been retrofitted with LED lighting, and they use low watt single bulb fluorescent lighting in their upstairs office.
  • All lights and air conditioning automatically switch off at the end of the day.
  • They use mini PCs, known for their low energy consumption, and staff turn off all monitors at the end of the day.

Key initiatives to reduce waste

During their assessment, ecoBiz noted Halpin Partners Accountants had excellent results in separating waste. They have initiatives in place to minimise waste sent to landfill:

  • To achieve low to no contamination in bins, they display posters displayed in the main kitchen to educate staff about the do and don’ts and what can be recycled. The sad face emojis on the landfill bins discourage unnecessary waste.
  • They recycle soft plastic, plastic, glass and aluminium containers (Containers for Change) and feed kitchen food scraps to chickens.
  • They installed a water cooler and placed glass cups next to it to reduce single-use plastic water bottles.


The ecoBiz Guide to reducing energy, water and waste for office spaces provides industry-specific insights and resources, including our regional experts' most common recommendations to offices to help them reduce their costs.


 ecoBiz is a free program funded by the Queensland Government and run by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) that helps Queensland businesses audit their resource use and reduce costs from waste, water, and energy bills. After a free two-hour coaching session with a sustainability expert, businesses receive a written report with practical and tangible solutions, which are often no or low cost to implement.