Queensland's Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan (PPRP)

The Queensland Government’s Tackling Plastic Waste—the Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan sets the course for our State to be part of the solution and a leader in driving the necessary change. Queensland has already seen some great achievements in Queensland in reducing the impacts of plastic waste in our environment through the popular container refund scheme, Containers for Change, and the ban on the supply of lightweight, single-use plastic shopping bags.

To help implement long-term change, the Queensland Government have set immediate actions around plastic, including banning the supply of single-use plastic products where necessary, increasing the uptake of recycled plastic materials in new products, and investing in plastic recovery and reprocessing.

The Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan (the plastics plan, or PPRP) takes a holistic approach to managing plastics. The plan sets the direction for Queensland to be part of the global solution, driving the leadership necessary for long term change and identifying actions at every step of the plastic supply chain. This approach also creates new economic opportunities and jobs for our regions, through investment in plastic reprocessing, remanufacturing, and new products and markets for alternatives to plastic.

Read the Plan here.