Sole traders and microbusinesses:

Start saving and stop wasting with ecoBiz


CCIQ's ecoBiz coaching program is specifically designed for sole traders and microbusinesses with less than five employees to help save money and increase efficiencies through sustainability.
Take the first step and book an ecoBiz micro coaching session today.

Who is ecoBiz for? 

Designed for a variety of businesses, institutions and organisations, our ecoBiz coaches across all of Queensland are skilled in working across different industries and sectors to help maximise their savings. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the ecoBiz program, but if you are a team of 5 or less (or if you're a sole trader) we recommend you start here. Click below to book a coaching session and start reducing costs by becoming energy, water and waste efficient business.


How it works?

Step 1: Send us some more information
Our sustainability experts will need information about your business to better understand your operations and plan an efficient coaching session. Please fill in the micro coaching form here.

Step 2: Attend an online coaching session
Our sustainability experts will review your business and chat with you over the phone or video call to understand your operations and identify the best ways for your business to reduce waste, water, and energy use.

Step 3: Receive recommendations and identify initiatives
After the micro coaching session, you will receive a coaching report with tailored recommendations for your business, including no or low-cost initiatives you could implement straight away.

Step 4: Start saving
Implement the recommendations and reduce waste, water and energy use.