Queensland businesses have the opportunity to get the upper hand on these risks. Under the Climate Risk Assessment Coaching program, an ecoBiz Sustainability Expert visits your business and will guide you through the Climate Risk Assessment tool and recommendations.  The Department of Environment and Science fund the ecoBiz program so there are no costs for businesses to participate.

Identifying and proactively addressing repercussions of a changing climate are crucial 
for sustainable, resilient, and profitable businesses now and in the future. 

Part of CCIQ’s ecoBiz program, Climate Risk Assessment Coaching Sessions are designed to help small to medium Queensland businesses identify specific risks to mitigating, managing and avoiding risks in the future. 

As Queensland business analyse the risks, opportunities and financial implications of climate change and its impacts, more frequent and severe extreme weather events including bushfires, cyclones, drought and floods jeopardise businesses’ stock and equipment, supply chains, employee health and safety and adequate and affordable insurance coverage.  

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What’s involved?
Once registered, businesses fill out a short survey regarding assessing their businesses against climate hazard. A coaching session is booked, where a coach goes through the tool to discuss, assess, identify business risks against climate hazard, and provide recommendations 

How long does the session take? 
The coaching sessions are one hour long.  

Do we need to have anything ready for the session? 
Complete the pre-coaching survey document and potentially a list of all business insurances would be good to have for coaches.  

Do we get the recommendations immediately? 
Yes, the coaches will provide recommendations during the coaching session itself. 

What happens after the session? 
A list of recommendations is provided to the business and coaches also provide any relevant information for further research. 

How much does this cost? 
This is free to businesses as it is funded through CCIQ ecoBiz program.  

Get involved in the pilot study

During the 2020-21 Financial Year, CCIQ delivered a preliminary pilot study to engage businesses on prudential risk management pertaining to climate-related impacts.  

The climate risk assessment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) pilot was well received and highlighted a lack of readiness and understanding of climate change-related impacts within Queensland.  
CCIQ has extended the pilot and there is now an opportunity for another 40 businesses to participate between now and 30 June 2022. The focus is on supporting businesses through providing substantiated climate change projections and assisting businesses to work through an appropriate adaption plan. The pilot has been designed to align with the Queensland Climate Adaption Strategy and Sector Adaptation Plan (SAP) for SMEs.

There are limited places to participate in the pilot, and businesses are encouraged to register.  

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Coaching process
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