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Through this free program we help businesses understand energy, water and waste costs and teach you to save money through sustainability initiatives.  

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What is ecobiz?

CCIQ ecoBiz is a free program, funded by the Queensland Government, that helps businesses save money across their energy, water and waste bills.

ecoBiz has been amazingly successful, and worked with thousands of Queensland businesses. To date:

  • Over 130 businesses have achieved ecoBiz Star Partnership, with recent Partners cutting their energy, water and waste bills by 17%, 14% and 9%1 and saved a total of $650,0002.

  • ecoBiz Star Partners to date have saved almost 8.6 million tonnes of CO₂e - equivalent to 1.8 million cars being taken off the road every year3.

  • Almost 1000 businesses4 have received personalised, one-on-one coaching sessions which provide tailored advice on how to reduce their energy, water and waste costs.

1 average marginal savings for ecoBiz Partners assessed since Sep 2017, as at Mar 2018

2 avoided costs on a business as usual scenario, based on aggregated marginal cost savings, since Sep 2017, as at Mar 2018

3 ecoBiz Star Partners active since Mar 2017 and reporting energy usage, as at Mar 2018

4 ecoBiz Coaching sessions delivered since July 2013.


With the help of the ecoBiz coaches' advice, you will be able to develop and implement an action plan to help your business save money and increase efficiencies. ecoBiz then gives you the support you need to help track your usage across energy, water and waste. 

Even small changes can mean big savings.  

Make sure you explore this website to learn more about the program and how you can start saving money.